Marketing Opportunities

Marketing  and Advertising Opportunities


Promotion – When you purchase a packet of books, you’re purchasing a tool for a healthier community.
Your logo on inside cover of book.


(Sample Advertising Page on inside of Front Cover)

Which will have your advertisement in the dedicated space.

Two week delivery after receipt of camera ready logo.

Choice of subject matter:

  • Diabetes Type 2
  • Obesity (Acitivity Book/ Educator’s Book)
  • Bullying & Self Esteem

Full color cover, black and white 24 pages.

25 books that are on the same subject matter – $108.75


[box type=”note” size=”large”]Any subject matter that would be requested in activity book and booklet format.
Storyboard, original artwork and concepts.[/box]


  • “Mr. Brit Bones and Misty Muscles”
  • “Digestive Tract”


For pricing and more information – please contact us

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