Sponsorship Levels for Diabetes Type 2 Training Packages for Millennium Charter School

CARR, Inc., takes a novel approach in creating educational tools with the focus on prevention and intervention. CARR uses whimsical and inventive characters to transfer accredited material into practical application dealing with topical subject matters that transcend cultural differences. While in Africa, our CEO adopted the philosophy of “teach one villager and the village will learn” and the influence of storytelling. CARR’s educational materials encourage ownership through imagination and resourcefulness reinforcing the fact that knowledge is power. Diabetes type 2 is at epidemic proportions in many communities crossing a diversity of ethnic, socio-economic, educational and corporate lines. This package deals with simple and straightforward educational information that will assist the individual by empowering them to make smart choices for a healthier lifestyle. It promotes prevention/intervention materials which give an essential foundation that encourages seeking further knowledge about this ailment.